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    Winmill is the winner of the 2022 Micro Focus Apex Program sales enablement competition, which began with a field of 15 contestants, sponsored by Micro Focus and its distribution partner, Arrow ECS.

    Under the Apex Program, Micro Focus selected 15 of their most promising partners to determine who could most effectively meet enablement objectives and close deals for Micro Focus over the 2022 season. 

    As part of the contest, our dedicated team worked closely with sales, marketing, and technical representatives from Micro Focus to form and execute a plan centered on enabling Winmill to better address customer pain points. Some of the most common recurring challenges from customers include:

    1. Heightened security concerns since adopting Cloud-Native development.

    2. Skills gap to replicate and confirm findings from Application Security Testing and prioritize the most critical risks.

    3. Growing need to automate Application Security Testing into deployment pipelines.

    4. Lack of comprehensive security testing coverage, especially in securing APIs.

    Winmill received advanced training focused on improving our Micro Focus-specific expertise across the MicroFocus CyberRes Portfolio, so we can continue to grow our partnership. Winmill is able to offer flexible services packages to all Micro Focus customers and has now received CyberRes Gold Partnership status and eight new MicroFocus certifications, all specialized in security.  

    Winmill has worked with the CyberRes division of Micro Focus since its inception and has partnered with Micro Focus since the HPE merger in 2017, during which time Micro Focus has become one of our most valued partners. Together we’ve delivered customized solutions and services to several of our largest mutual customers, with tremendous new logo growth each year.  

    We continue to find new and innovative ways to deliver value to our mutual customer base. Initiatives such as the Apex Program have helped to define the direction and focus of our application security services packages.

    Thank you to Micro Focus and the Arrow Apex Program for such an exciting and challenging opportunity. We look forward to continuing working together. 

    For more information about the Apex Program sales enablement contest and details about how Winmill solved pain points for Micro Focus, please contact us