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    What Is DevOps?

    DevOps (Development Operations) is the confluence of programming, quality assurance and operations. DevOps has existed in one form or another since the beginning of the digital age, but today the term is used to describe a very specific goal – support for the continuous release of high-quality software, typically in a high-velocity (i.e. Agile) environment.

    DevOps is a combination of technologies and processes, with an emphasis on integration and automation. It includes application development with integrated version control; continuous application builds; integrated quality assurance throughout the SDLC; automated deployments; and integrated performance monitoring and feedback loops.

    There is no single DevOps solution. Every organization implements DevOps tools and processes based on its size, volume and scope of application development, required speed to market, tolerance for defects, and regulatory compliance. There are dozens of software products that support DevOps, including agile work management, version control, build servers, static code scanners, dynamic code scanners, functional testing, defect management and security management.

    The Winmill Difference

    Winmill has deep and broad experience in DevOps. We have worked with hundreds of companies over the years, and understand above all that no two companies are the same. What works for one company may not be practical for another. However, our experience allows us to share ideas and best practices that you may not have yet considered. If you are ready to talk DevOps, it's time to call Winmill.

    DevOps Architecture

    A traditional DevOps architecture is an organic creature; it grows – often uncontrolled – as developers and operations engineers cobble together best of breed tools to maximize efficiency. But at the end of the day, the collection of disparate tools and processes can become impossible to manage. Winmill can help you to consolidate into a single, manageable architecture designed for automation, velocity and scale.

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    Data Center

    Success Story: Consumer Products Company Moves to Native AWS DevOps

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    Continuous Integration & Delivery

    In a traditional SDLC, developers check out code for extended periods while they build, modify or repair. But the longer that code is checked out, the more obsolete it becomes and the less likely it will integrate with other components when it is returned to the repository. Enter continuous integration, where developers continuously integrate their work with the rest of the team. Talk to Winmill about implementing and getting the most out of continuous integration.

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    Cyber Security

    Success Story: State Government Needs Checkmarx Integrated into DevSecOps

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    Continuous Testing

    Quality Assurance has always been the Achilles Heel of application development. Developers don’t like to test. This gave rise to the QA Department, which is responsible for finding and publishing the defects in developers’ work. This naturally set up a contentious relationship between developers and testers, who often report to different people with different measures of success. Integrated Continuous Testing can dramatically improve product quality, supporting the highly-touted and rarely-achieved “shift left.”

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    Cyber Security

    Success Story: Fortune 500 Healthcare Services Needs Integrated Application Security

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