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    Success Stories Professional Sports League Needs Penetration Testing

    The Project

    When one of the world’s most prominent sports leagues wanted to expand their audience, they decided to stream games online through the league website.  The challenge was complying with network blackout rules – games could not be available online in the same geography as being broadcast by local television.

    Enforcing basic geo-coding rules was the easy part.  The hard part was keeping hackers from accessing the streaming video.  With high-demand content and the wide availability of increasingly powerful hacking tools, the league seemed to be fighting a losing battle.  Until they called Winmill.


    • Make out-of-network games available to fans via team websites
    • Disallow streaming of games within the team’s local geography
    • Prevent hackers from bypassing or masking geo-coding restrictions


    • Worked with each team to evaluate their website
    • Used trend modeling and proactive penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities
    • Simulated hacking techniques to find additional vulnerabilities
    • Presented findings and worked with each team to remediate deficiencies.

    The Results

    Using trend modeling, proactive penetration testing and other aggressive security techniques, WinMill identified and closed dozens of security gaps before the hackers found them.  Now we continue to work with the league, identifying and repairing potential problems, before a site is breached.

    As in sports, being on top of security means never getting complacent.  It requires constant diligence, scouting the bad guys, building a creative offense, refining your defense, and always staying two steps ahead.

    You can win the fight for network security, but only if you put the best team on the field.

    If you are ready to build an industry-best security team, it’s time to call WinMill Software.

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