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    Container Architecture

    Containers simplify and accelerate the build-test-deploy lifecycle. And with today’s powerful orchestration tools, containers are the foundation of a DevOps architecture that supports velocity and scale. Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS… We can help you evaluate and deploy container and orchestration technology, and implement the processes to bring your DevOps to the next level of efficiency and automation.

    DevOps in the Cloud

    Moving to the cloud is the logical next step in the evolution of DevOps. The cloud introduces a whole new world of possibility – and complexity – into software development. The options for containers, microservices, continuous testing, automated deployments… it can be overwhelming. But when deployed properly, it can be the most powerful and cost effective operating environment you’ve ever imagined. If it’s time to move your DevOps to the cloud, it’s to call Winmill software.

    DevOps Rearchitecture

    A traditional DevOps architecture is an organic creature; it grows – often uncontrolled – as developers and operations engineers cobble together best of breed tools to maximize efficiency.  But at the end of the day, the collection of disparate tools and processes can become impossible to manage. Winmill can help you to consolidation into a single, manageable architecture designed for automation, velocity and scale.