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    Is Security Built In?

    Many companies produce high quality, highly secure applications. But in today’s fast-paced environment, a security team’s ability to efficiently identify and remediate vulnerabilities can be a challenge. Remediating vulnerabilities found in a penetration test or application scan is critical, but catching vulnerabilities after they’ve been deployed to production is risky and expensive. We can help you build security into your development lifecycle, so that security becomes part of the process rather than slowing the process down.

    The Winmill Difference

    Our security consultants are experienced, practicing software developers with in-depth knowledge of the software development lifecycle and secure development strategies. Winmill works with companies of all sizes to implement Application Security solutions and support Application Security programs. Our customers range from Fortune 1000 enterprises to small companies of less than 50 people. We understand that companies have different requirements when it comes to Application Security, and we are well aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We take a pragmatic approach, helping our clients implement Application Security programs that are perfectly suited for their size, budget and risk exposure.

    "It would have taken me three or four times as long to get it all working, versus having Winmill do it."

    Winmill Client Survey

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