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    Public Cloud

    When you think of AWS, Google Cloud or Azure, you are thinking Public Cloud. Never before have Public Cloud vendors offered so many different services and pricing models for every possible business or technical requirement. New offerings are being added every day. Public Cloud providers offer a plethora of managed services that provide you with out of the box security, maintenance, scalability, redundancy and uptime guarantees. They also still give you the flexibility to create and deploy your applications to more traditional virtual server instances. You configure the size and scalability of the servers you want, and the Cloud delivers. These are powerful solutions with unlimited configurations to support what is effectively infinite scalability. Winmill is here to help you navigate this sea of ever-changing possibilities so that you can have the best solution the Public Cloud can offer that fits in your budget while meeting your organization’s specific requirements.

    Private Cloud

    If you want to take advantage of a microservices architecture, but you don’t want to use shared resources as modeled by AWS and Azure, then you are probably in the market for a Private Cloud. Winmill can help you to establish a Private Cloud, either on-premises or in a hosted environment. A Private Cloud offers the benefit of a service-level architecture, built-in redundancy and high-availability while allowing you to retain inherent control over every aspect of your computing stack. For more information, check out our Data Center Services

    Hybrid Cloud

    Like everything else in life, the Cloud is not necessarily black or white. If you are looking for the scalability of Public Cloud coupled with the security and control of Private Cloud, then you may want to consider Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud uses a combination of Public and Private Cloud, keeping sensitive data on the Private Cloud, while offloading less-sensitive processing to the Public Cloud.

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