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Financial Administration

Assess Dues

  • Assess dues with a single click.
  • All forms of dues are supported, including monthly, annual, per capital, hourly, weekly, % of wages, minimums and caps, etc.
  • Dues are immediately applied to a member's account.
  • Robust reporting.

Member Invoicing

  • Generate invoices for all members or any subset, using criteria such billing date,
    member, type of invoice, etc.
  • One-click to send invoices by email or print for postal mailing.
  • Easy access to historical invoices.
  • One-click access to print-ready invoice details.
  • Optional online payment capability.

Remittance Processing

  • Remittances can be uploaded from electronic files or manually entered into eMembership.
  • One remittance can cover multiple worksites or projects.
  • A remittance can be paid by one or more checks.
  • A check can pay for one or more remittances.
  • Easy-to-use error correction on data import, including "remember this change" feature.

Payments and Charges

  • Process payments individually or in daily batches.
  • Print or email receipts, individually or in bulk.
  • Create charges for a member.
  • Create journal entries for a member, all members, or a subset of members.
  • Immediate and automatic application of payments and charges to member balance.

Outstanding Balances

  • Robust processing for outstanding balances.
  • Search on timeframe, status, amount due, charge type and more.
  • Easy export to Excel for mail merge or other activities.
  • One-click assessment of late fee.
  • One-click suspension.

And so much more…

eMembership is the most powerful, most popular member and dues system in the industry.

  • Complete member management including profile demographics, financials, work history, grievances, member card generation, invoicing (paper and/or electronic), online payments, out-of-work lists, dispatch, event registration and more…
  • Complete employer tracking including profile, project/worksites, working members, electronic remittance processing, invoicing, grievances, worker dispatch and more…
  • Complete financial administration including dues generation, configurable charges, member and employer payments, delinquency processing, integration with accounting systems, online dues payments and more…
  • Other cool features found only in eMembership: awesome organizing tools including electronic signatures, surveys and events/campaigns; online portals for members and employers; mobile access for staff and members; robust out-of-the-box reporting; unlimited ad hoc reporting; a call log for member services; powerful grievance management; powerful event management (including registration); easy integration with third party systems and more…

And remember, we host it for you! No software, no servers, no hassle.

Time for a new membership and dues system? Then it's time for eMembership!

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