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Other Cool Features

Events and Campaigns

  • Create open-attendance or invitation-only events
  • Automatically manage registration limits
  • Self-registration for open events; email invitation and online registration for closed events
  • Manage and report on attendance
  • Organize events into larger campaigns
  • Check out our Events & Campaigns video!


  • Request member feedback via popular internet survey tools such as Survey Monkey
  • Create anonymous surveys or ballots using eMembership's fully integrated Survey builder
  • Build integrated reports that correlate response with craft, tenure or other membership data
  • Check out our Surveys video!

Electronic Signatures

  • Send documents to your members by email for electronic signature
  • Pre-fill documents where appropriate
  • Documents can capture required data from recipients and automatically load into eMembership
  • Signed documents are readily available via the member's profile in eMembership
  • Check out our Electronic Signature video!

Online Portal

  • Secure self-service for members.
  • Demographic management – members can update their own contact information and notification preferences. 
  • All updates made by members are audited with date- timestamp, plus original and new values. 
  • Access to account balances.
  • Ability to make online payments. 
  • Ability to report work. 
  • Ability to report grievances.
  • Mobile access from phones or tablets.  

Mobile Access

  • Mobile access to Member Portal. 
  • Mobile access to eMembership for Job Stewards and Business Representatives. 
  • Real-time access to member status and demographics; no more calling the office from the field to check on the status of member.
  • Real-time access to worksite information, including roster. 
  • Geo-location: find members within a given distance.  

Ad Hoc Query

  • Robust ad hoc reporting.  
  • Drastically reduce the need for custom-built reports.  
  • Easy-to-use interface; select the data you want to see.  
  • Intuitive construction of data filters.  
  • Queries can be saved, reused, and shared across the organization.  
  • Advanced users can write and save custom SQL queries. 


  • Track grievances, complaints or open issues.  
  • Associate a grievance with an employer and one or more members.  
  • Built-in workflow for grievance resolution.  
  • Search for grievances by employer, date, type, status or other.  
  • Optional ability to give members access, via Member Portal, to track grievance status.  


  • Work order-based member dispatch.  
  • Configurable skills list, including optional skill levels.  
  • Full history of member dispatches.  
  • Full history of calls made per work order. 

And so much more…

eMembership is the most powerful, most popular member and dues system in the industry.

  • Complete member management including profile demographics, financials, work history, grievances, member card generation, invoicing (paper and/or electronic), online payments, out-of-work lists, dispatch, event registration and more…
  • Complete employer tracking including profile, project/worksites, working members, electronic remittance processing, invoicing, grievances, worker dispatch and more…
  • Complete financial administration including dues generation, configurable charges, member and employer payments, delinquency processing, integration with accounting systems, online dues payments and more…
  • Other cool features found only in eMembership: awesome organizing tools including electronic signatures, surveys and events/campaigns; online portals for members and employers; mobile access for staff and members; robust out-of-the-box reporting; unlimited ad hoc reporting; a call log for member services; powerful grievance management; powerful event management (including registration); easy integration with third party systems and more…

And remember, we host it for you! No software, no servers, no hassle.

Time for a new membership and dues system? Then it's time for eMembership!

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