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Member Management

Member Search

  • Search for members by any criteria.
  • Search on partial names, status, SSN, or any other identifier.
  • One-click access to add a new member.
  • Field reps can use eMembership Mobile to search for members using their mobile phone or tablet.
  • We customize for you what columns you want returned in the results.
  • One-click sorting of results list.
  • One-click access from the results table to the Member Profile.

Member Profile

  • Easy access to all member profile information.
  • Configurable security to mask confidential fields like SSN [need to add **** in the SSN field].
  • Unlimited addresses.
  • Unlimited forms of contact (email, phone, text, etc.).
  • Sortable, searchable notes.
  • The ability to add custom attributes.
  • One-click access, from the menu, the member's work history, finance history, grievance history, etc.
  • Allow members to view and/or edit some, none or all of their profile data in the website Member Portal.
  • Field reps can instantly see real-time member status and other relevant details on their mobile phone or tablet; no more calling into the office to check on a member's status.

Member Work History

  • Work history can be automatically loaded from employer remittances, or entered manually.
  • For freelancing trades, you have the option to allow members to update their own work history.
  • One-click access to the project or worksite details.
  • One-click access to the employer details.
  • Sortable, printable.
  • Can be made available to the member via the website Member Portal.

Member Financial Data

  • List of all charges and payments.
  • Supports full and partial payments.
  • Allocation of a single payment across multiple charges.
  • One-click sorting.
  • Employer payments can be applied via remittance upload.
  • Payments and charges can be applied to individual members, or in bulk.
  • Filter by all, open or closed transactions.
  • List transaction summaries or details.

And so much more…

eMembership is the most powerful, most popular member and dues system in the industry.

  • Complete member management including profile demographics, financials, work history, grievances, member card generation, invoicing (paper and/or electronic), online payments, out-of-work lists, dispatch, event registration and more…
  • Complete employer tracking including profile, project/worksites, working members, electronic remittance processing, invoicing, grievances, worker dispatch and more…
  • Complete financial administration including dues generation, configurable charges, member and employer payments, delinquency processing, integration with accounting systems, online dues payments and more…
  • Other cool features found only in eMembership: awesome organizing tools including electronic signatures, surveys and events/campaigns; online portals for members and employers; mobile access for staff and members; robust out-of-the-box reporting; unlimited ad hoc reporting; a call log for member services; powerful grievance management; powerful event management (including registration); easy integration with third party systems and more…

And remember, we host it for you! No software, no servers, no hassle.

Time for a new membership and dues system? Then it's time for eMembership!

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