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Union Needs Enterprise Membership & Dues System

The Project

This Midwest union has 9,000 active members working in the industrial trades. The union prides themselves on being the best trained in their industry. Their focus on certification and continuous member education not only ensures the quality and timeliness of their work, but also the safety of their members and the general public. To this end, the union operates an incredibly modern training center where members spend countless hours learning and re-learning their trade.

The only thing not modern about this union was the software they were using to manage membership, dues and their training center. They had several different systems in place, one of which was more than 20 years old. None of the systems were integrated, meaning the same data was being entered up to four times in four different systems. It was virtually impossible to get a consolidated view of a member's status, work history, training history and certification levels. It was time to move the union's computer systems into the 21st century. It was time to call WinMill Software.


  • Disparate systems being used to manage the operations of the union and training center. The same data was being manually entered into as many as four different systems.
  • Aging, unsupported technology; one DOS system was more than 20 years old. Systems were built on multiple platforms and resided in three separate facilities.
  • Impossible to get a "snapshot" view of a member. Membership status, financial status, work history and training history were maintained in four separate systems.
  • Limited self-service capabilities for members to pay dues online or register online for courses.
  • Dozens of manual, undocumented processes required to work around technology deficiencies.
  • Implemented eMembership, a centralized, web-based application that supports the entire operation of the union and training center. There is now a single "source of truth."
  • eMembership is built using Microsoft .NET and SQL Server. This is a modern, ubiquitous, widely supported technology platform.
  • eMembership comes packed with out-of-the-box reports. Custom reports are easy to create, and our Ad Hoc Query Tool lets users search, format and export any data in the system.
  • The eMembership Portal provides robust self-service functionality for members including dues payment, address changes, training registration and job dispatch.
  • eMembership is a powerful, flexible solution that supports all aspects of union operations. No more work-arounds!

The Results

eMembership has been huge success for this union. There is now a single system of record that supports the entire organization. Staff members now have just one system to get all information about a member including demographics, status, financial standing, work history and training history. The system supports all aspects of member management, dues and training, thus eliminating the manual processes and work arounds that arose out of necessity over the prior decade. Reports that used to be created by hand, by manually extracting and consolidating data from multiple systems, can now be run with the click of the mouse. And ad hoc reporting lets the union slice and dice any data, into any format. By eliminating the need for duplicate (or triplicate, or quadruplicate) data entry, the union has drastically reduced time spent on data input and in fixing data input errors.

Because the system is web-based, it can be easily accessed by staff members who are traveling or working remotely. And the member self-service portal has been an enormous success; tasks that were once performed by staff members fielding customer service calls are now completed online by members.

eMembership has afforded the union enormous operational efficiencies. By eliminating tedious and error-prone manual processes, eMembership is giving back time to the union staff, which frees them up to provide even more exemplary service to their members.

Time for a new Membership & Dues System? Then it's time for eMembership!