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University Implements Coeus for State-of-the-Art Grants Management

The Project

Coeus is the Titan of Intelligence. Coeus is also a powerful application that helps universities manage research proposal development, grants, and everything in between. Originally developed by MIT as a client/server application, the platform evolved to become a highly sophisticated distributed solution that incorporates an industry standard architecture comprised of Java Swing API, JSPs, and servlets – with a well-designed Oracle database driving the backend storage of proposal, award and administrative-related data.

WinMill teamed with the university to implement Coeus in order to meet government mandates for electronic proposal submission.

WinMill provided the direction and technical assistance that the university needed to roll out the Coeus Proposal Development module, and it became one of the very first schools to fully implement the electronic routing and submission capabilities of Coeus. In addition, the university and WinMill teamed up to analyze, plan and implement a data migration strategy that have coupled Proposal Development to the rest of Coeus, including the Institute Proposal and Award modules.


  • Meet the government mandates for electronic proposal submission
  • Process pre-Award and post-Award data related to sponsored research using a state-of-the-art platform
  • Seemlessly discontinue the use of several legacy applications
  • Migrate legacy application data
  • Train thousands of prinipal investigators and administrative staff across the campus
  • Provide the required direction and technical assistance based on best practices
  • Analyze, plan and implement an effective data migration strategy
  • Implement a strategy for identifying the schools, departments and sponsors that would be phased into the approval routing and submission engines
  • Designed a state-of the-art training curriculum and rollout strategy
  • Create a best practices project management approach that increased transaparency and accountability

The Results

WinMill's Grants Management Team worked with the university's Office of Research and Development, Center for Information Technology Services, and each of the individual schools, to implement an enterprise Coeus solution.

Proposal Development was implemented across the university, including comprehensive approval routing chains and electronic forms generation.

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was migrating legacy grants, stored in disparate systems, into Coeus. WinMill worked with the university to analyze and carefully map data from each legacy system, resulting in a single system of record.

WinMill developed state-of the-art training to ensure user adoption across the university. We also implemented a support strategy implementing web-based support, a help desk and a user hotline.