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WinMill helps Luxury Retailer Create New Retail Website

The Project

This famous luxury retailer uses a subsidiary brand to sell luxury off-price goods. Previously, both the retailer and subsidiary shared the same website. But the retailer felt that separating into two distinct sites for would help both sets of stores focus on winning business both online and in stores.

However, creating a new site for off-price goods would require a tremendous amount of planning and testing to ensure that the new site included all the key functionality that customers were used to. They turned to WinMill Software to help with this effort. WinMill worked with the retailer and their QA Team to develop a comprehensive test plan for the project. WinMill then created detailed test cases and scenarios in order to fully regression test all functionality in the new site. WinMill managed the overall testing effort, which included tracking defects and leading daily scrum/status meetings to review the tests that had been executed, discuss defects found and plan for new builds.

The new website was wildly successful from day one, which our client largely credited to the QA efforts. WinMill continues to work with this retailer, providing QA expertise on multiple projects. When this famous luxury retailer needed to ensure that their new website would uphold their reputation for quality, they turned to WinMill Software. Shouldn't you?


  • Ensure that the new website has all the same functionality as the old site.
  • Test for hundreds of user scenarios.
  • Organize and manage a high-profile, complicated testing effort.
  • Ensure that all tests were executed and issues were tracked and resolved.
  • Ensure that the new website upheld the retailer's reputation for quality.
  • WinMill brought a senior QA team with deep experience in Quality Assurance.
  • Created a detailed test plan that mapped out the testing effort and assigned responsibilities.
  • Created 500+ detailed test cases for all major functionality in order to test and regression-test the new site.
  • Used Application Lifecycle Management software to manage requirements, test cases, defects and resolution.
  • Managed the QA effort to ensure that all scripts were executed and defects are tracked, resolved and re-tested. Continued to manage the QA effort until after the site was successfully released.

The Results

WinMill Software managed the QA effort in the development of this retailer's new website, helping them to create clarity and distinction between their brands. With WinMill's diligent management of the QA process, this retailer was able to roll out the highly successful new website, both on time and on budget.

WinMill and this retailer have built a strong partnership, and continue to work together on different QA projects. WinMill has displayed the highest level of professional service, technical acumen and dedication to our client's success and satisfaction throughout these projects, and this famous luxury retailer continues to trust WinMill for all of its QA needs.