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Transportation Company Keeps on Truckin' with WinMill PPM Managed Services

The Project

This leader in logistics and transportation services was in the process of migrating their CA PPM from a hosted to an on-premise installation. Suddenly they were faced with the challenge of keeping a new enterprise system up and running, while also tending the day-to-day operations of project and portfolio management. Having neither the bandwidth nor in-house skill set to do so, they called WinMill Software.

WinMill provided PPM Managed Services to support daily system monitoring, development of procedures for handling issues, consulting on improvements, and creation of a Roadmap to establish both short-term operational objectives and long-term strategic initiatives to be supported by CA PPM.

  • Recent migration of CA PPM from CA hosted solution to on-premise installation 
  • Lack of in-house knowledge and bandwidth to support a new enterprise application 
  • Lack of in-house knowledge and bandwidth to administer CA PPM 
  • Lack of direction for best-practices use of CA PPM, both short-term and long-term 
  • WinMill Software PPM Managed Services 
  • Daily Monitoring of specific areas within the CA PPM application
  • Tier 2 Support 
  • Assessment and recommendations to improve on-premise architecture
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures and Runbook for CA PPM operations 
  • Weekly status reports including activity logs and runtime metrics 
  • Creation of CA PPM Roadmap for short-term and long-term objectives

The Results

WinMill Software provided best-in-class PPM Managed Services, making a seamless transition from the CA hosted environment to an on-premise installation. WinMill's ongoing support enabled the company to implement CA PPM best practices, constantly improving their visibility into operational performance.

  • Nearly 100% uptime of CA PPM! 
  • WinMill PPM Managed Services made the company aware of several outstanding issues within the environment, and provided recommendation for reference and remediation. 
  • Detailed Roadmap was produced, including recommendations for: 
  • Multiple areas of application maintenance 
  • A more mature project intake and management process 
  • Updated CA PPM training materials and delivery 
  • Optimization and targeting plan for report delivery 
  • Agile Practices Process Improvement for CA PPM