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Financial Institution Improves Accuracy and Reduces Weekly Report Time by 87% with CA PPM

The Project

This Financial Institution operates industrial-strength payment systems at the center of the banking industry, and works with commercial banks to create new capabilities for the next generation of payments.

Keeping up with the changing times in today's financial landscape necessitated more accurate ways of keeping projects up to date and accurately communicating status across the organization. The Institution partnered with WinMill Software to implement CA PPM to standardize project management practices and drastically improve corporate-wide communication and reporting.

The Institution is now using CA PPM to track project estimates, actual effort and financial performance. They are also using CA PPM to track project risks and issues in a single repository. To tie all this information together they implemented CA PPM status reporting, which replaced a manual process of gathering project information.

  • Manual processes to track project performance
  • Different departments used different formats to report project information
  • Multiple applications used to track project information
  • A need for greater visibility into project performance
  • Implement a WinMill Software CA PPM QuickStart! 
  • Implemented Project Management with a focus on Financial Management and Resource Utilization 
  • Implemented Status Reporting, with an emphasis on risk and issue management 
  • Developed custom reporting to standardize communication across the organization 

The Results

Using our trademark CA PPM QuickStart implementation, WinMill Software was able to get this Financial Institution up and running in just 60 days. The organization now has valuable insights into their project performance, and can better track risks, issues and financial performance across the organization. The organization is further benefiting from:

  • Greater insight into the financial performance of their project
  • More accurate and consistent reporting of risks and issues 
  • Greater visibility into project scheduling and resource constraints 
  • Save time and avoid frustration by consolidating data capture and reporting into a single application 
  • A fully configured PPM Solution, which will grow with the organization 

"Our old reporting process was almost an 8-hour effort to validate, and compile the information into a weekly report. It now takes us less than an hour to get this information out of CA PPM. We also have much better data accuracy, standardization, and more information available to us than ever before." - PMO Manager