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WinMill Deploys CA PPM for Leading Manufacturing Company in Just 30 Days

The Project

We have the opportunity to work on many unique projects for many unique clients – but rarely are we asked to stand up a global CA PPM implementation in less than a month. When we were approached by this manufacturing company to do just that, including mapping their very detailed processes to CA PPM, training their staff, and helping to prepare for a high-profile Executive Roadshow, we jumped at the chance.

  • Visibility into all incoming projects, in-flight projects, and resources
  • Standardization of the project intake process, project scoring, and portfolio ranking rules
  • Portfolio Planning and Capacity planning capabilities, providing visibility into resource and financial capacity and demand across the entire portfolio

Our WinMill team rolled up their sleeves and dove in, kicking things off with Joint Architecture and Design (JAD) sessions where we gathered and unified diverse feedback from a global set of stakeholders. Once JAD was complete, the solution was rapidly configured and delivered. WinMill provided train-the-trainer education, which the company used to leverage their own PMO staff, reduce external training costs, and accelerate user adoption. Once training was complete, the PMO was able to fully support the system without our help… Success!

  • Standardization and consistency in project execution, globally
  • Automation wherever possible to streamline and drive efficiency
  • Provide dashboards and self-service for key audiences and stakeholders
  • Control finances and improve business decisions
  • Prepare CA PPM for Executive Roadshow four weeks after kickoff, delivered by their staff
  • Implement CA PPM as a Rapid Prototype 
  • Strategize and Implement CA PPM for Prioritization of FY18 projects 
  • Rollout Resource Capacity and Demand Management functionality for increased visibility across the organization 
  • Configure relevant dashboards for project - at a glance visibility 
  • High-quality training initiatives to ensure successful roadshow and adoption  

The Results

Using our unique Rapid Prototype solution, WinMill Software was able to implement CA PPM for this company in just 30 days. The company was able to immediately realize the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-level, unified PPM software as a single source of truth for all IT projects
  • Global Resource management capability across IT Projects 
  • Project Portfolio planning tools to effectively plan year over year 
  • World class reporting to provide visibility into the portfolio