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A Health Fund's IT Department Gets a Clean Bill of Health Using CA PPM

The Project

This non-profit health plan provider partnered with WinMill Software to implement CA PPM as a project management and reporting tool for its IT department. The primary goal of the implementation was to get a better handle on IT project requests, staffing capacity, project management, process management, and visibility into the entire portfolio of IT projects. The secondary goal of the project, which would be a byproduct of the first, was to better define and support the role of IT so that they could provide better, more comprehensive and effective services to the organization as a whole. The third goal would ultimately trump the first two; the project had to be affordable and show a rapid return on investment.

WinMill's CA PPM QuickStart was exactly what the doctor ordered. In just 30 days, WinMill was able to implement CA PPM for this organization. The organization was able to derive immediate value with project intake, resource management, project management and process workflow.

  • A need to provide better access to data so the business could understand the cost and value of IT initiatives  Multiple business processes for gathering information
  • A need to understand what resources are working on, and the ability to track the work effort 
  • A need to understand organizational capacity and demand 
  • An overall a need for IT to provide a more mature service offering, based on concrete data
  • Implement CA PPM using WinMill QuickStart methodology 
  • Create workflows and use CA PPM for Project Intake 
  • Provide the ability to match work streams to known project types and organizational goals for better alignment 
  • Configure processes and notifications to support time-compliant initiatives 
  • Configure relevant information into dashboards for elevated optics into projects   

The Results

WinMill Software was able to provide best-in-class CA PPM service to this health plan provider, giving their IT department greater visibility into their projects and operations. In approximately 200 hours, the solution was designed and delivered – without interruption to the organization.

The non-profit organization is now realizing the following benefits as a result: 
  • Time tracking, supported by custom notifications and reminders. 
  • An effective solution for tracking Project Intake and Execution. 
  • Robust reporting to provide an understanding of resource workloads, capacity vs demand, and project insight. 
  • A data driven method for providing and communicating the value of the IT organization.