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International Bank Needs Complex Pricing System

The Project    

When one of the largest international banks needed an online sales system to support their corporate purchasing card division, they called WinMill Software.  With our deep roots in the financial sector, our technical expertise and our agile development approach, WinMill was the perfect fit for an organization with demanding expectations and constantly evolving requirements.

The purchasing card division of this bank has an international sales force of more than 200 people working around the globe.  The pricing rules are incredibly complex; at last count there were more than 10,000 distinct calculations that could go into a single proposal.  Without a centralized system, pricing was being done with spreadsheets and approvals obtained via long email chains.  It could take weeks to get a proposal in front of a client, and even then, there was no way to ensure that the pricing was 100% accurate.  Further, there was no consolidated reporting to help the bank evaluate profitability, win/loss ratios, sales performance, etc.  Enters WinMill Software.


  • 200 salespersons around the world were using an incredibly complex spreadsheet to create price quotes for clients.
  • Changes to the pricing spreadsheet occurred several times every week; these had to be emailed to the sales staff. Proposals were often generated using an outdated pricing model.
  • It was impossible to ensure that that pricing was being applied properly or consistently.
  • Approvals were obtained by email; the entire approval process could take a week or more.
  • Once approved, prices were copied into a boilerplate proposal. Each salesperson had their own proposal template; thus the terms, conditions, and formatting were wildly inconsistent.
  • Create a centralized, web-based pricing application. It is hosted by WinMill with guaranteed 24/7 availability.
  • No more mailing of spreadsheets. Changes to the pricing model are instantly applied to all in-flight and new proposals.
  • One centralized system means that pricing is guaranteed to be consistent for every client, every proposal, every time.
  • The new system incorporates automatic workflows; approvals now occur in a matter of hours.
  • The new system includes a proposal generator. Once a proposal is approved, the salesperson can simply click "print" to produce a high-quality, pre-approved proposal.

The Results

WinMill built an online pricing system that incorporates every possible permutation of a deal across geographies, industry sectors, clients of any size, and hundreds of variables.  The system also supports real-time notifications and dynamic workflow for approval processing.  What used to take weeks to get a proposal to a client is now literally completed in hours.  Not only can the bank now get proposals to clients faster than their competitors, but they know for sure that the deals are standard, approved and profitable.

WinMill hosts the application in our high-availability, SAS-70 compliant data center.  With WinMill's highly-redundant infrastructure and integrated disaster recovery plan, the system has guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.  The system is also integrated into the bank's identity management system, enabling single-sign on and strict access control.