Specialty Practices 

WinMill Software provides technical services across a broad spectrum of industries: banking, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, etc. In a number of industries, however, we have developed unique expertise based on years and years of service. If you are looking for technical support in one of our Specialty Practices, look no further!

Unions and Benefit Funds

WinMill Software has been providing unparalleled technology services to Unions and Taft-Hartley Benefit Funds since 1999. We have affordable rates, deep industry skills, and impeccable references. 

Time for a new membership and dues system?

Then it's time for eMembership! eMembership is the most popular membership and dues system on the planet. Members, employers, contracts, finances, grievances, events, reports, ad hoc query and more… eMembership does it all. And best of all, we host it for you! No servers, no software, no hassle.

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Need a new benefits system?

New eligibility rules, new collective bargaining agreements, and new legislation keep the industry in a constant state of flux. But is now the right time for a new computer system? How much will it cost? Does your IT department have the manpower to do the job? WinMill can help you to answer these questions, and more. We can tell you whether you should stick with what you have, or if there are better solutions that deliver real ROI. Whether you need us to build a new system, manage a project or simply provide strategic advice, WinMill Technology Services can help.

Are you HITECH compliant?

The HITECH Act is an extension of the HIPAA Security Rule. Not only do covered entities need to be HIPAA compliant, but now your Business Associates must also comply. Remember that HIPAA requires covered entities to "periodically" recertify – have you recertified within the last 12 months? And are your Business Associates compliant? Call today to find out about our HITECH/HIPAA compliance services.

Need to streamline your business operations?

If you think that there is a more efficient way to run your operation, you're probably right. Sometimes it takes an independent opinion to bring those ideas to fruition. Whether it's through electronic remittance processing, the elimination of data entry, streamlined signatory validation or simply changing the flow of information, WinMill Software can apply our deep experience with Unions and Benefit Funds to help make your organization more efficient.

Is your data secure?

A few years ago a disgruntled employee of a large software company hacked into the company's finance systems, printed the payroll, and sent a gift-wrapped copy to every employee. How secure is your data? You have independent lawyers and auditors to maintain your legal and regulatory compliance; WinMill Security Services can provide the same kind of independent audit for your network and data security.

Let us manage those servers...

Managing a technical infrastructure is no easy task. Managing hardware, applying patches, managing the network, security audits, backups, disaster recovery... the list goes on. WinMill is helping Unions and Taft-Hartley Benefit Funds get out of the technical infrastructure business by moving their technical infrastructure into WinMill's data center. You will be able to sleep easy knowing that your hardware is up to date, your data is secure, your backups are pristine and your systems are guaranteed to be up and running 24/7/365. Let us focus on your infrastructure so that you can focus on your business.

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Grants Management

WinMill Software has extensive experience managing the implementation of grants management solutions within the Sponsored Research community. Our expertise covers a wide range of services including business analysis, project management, business process re-engineering, deployment and customized training solutions.


CoeusTM is the Consortium-model open source product licensed by MIT that helps universities route and submit research grants electronically, as well as assist research administration departments with managing proposal and award data. WinMill is well known as a leading provider of Coeus consulting services.


WinMill partners with Cayuse to serve the needs of research institutions seeking professional services, integration consulting, or business process consulting for their eRA challenges. The Cayuse424TM platform is the industry-leading Web-based solution for grant proposal preparation and system-to-system submission to Grants.gov. Cayuse's proposal development system delivers strategic advantages to organizations pursuing federal research funding. WinMill Software is Cayuse's preferred service provider for integration and consulting services in electronic Research Administration systems (eRA).