Project Management & Quality Assurance

Project Management

Strong Project Management is critical to any software implementation project, and has been our hallmark since 1994. Our Project Managers are PMI certified, with a deep understanding of project methodologies and implementation approaches. More importantly, our Project Managers bring practical, real-world experience to every engagement. We know that one size does not fit all, and we refuse to be the didactic Project Manager who insists on squeezing a round project into a square methodology.

WinMill can provide any level of Project Management that you need, from managing the delivery of a single project to supporting your PMO. We bring to the table not only our signature technical expertise and professionalism, but also our own best practices developed over years of experience.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the most overlooked and underestimated phase of the software development lifecycle, yet it is arguably the most important. The idea that Quality Assurance is the last rubberstamp on an application prior to delivery is long dead; effective QA has to begin on the first day of the project.

Quality Assurance is more than simply trying out the software to make sure it works. Rather, it is guaranteeing the integrity of your mission critical business systems. Comprehensive, controlled testing requires careful planning, a controlled environment, measurable and repeatable test criteria, and the latest advances in automated scripting techniques. We are experts at ensuring your mission critical systems perform as expected.

Study after study has proven that effective QA is one of the best ways to accelerate ROI on software development projects. WinMill can show you how. From requirements analysis through test planning, unit test, integration and system test, regression and load test, defect tracking, version management and ultimately post-production support, WinMill can help you to structure a QA program that will pay for itself many times over.


Regression and Load Testing

The most expensive defect in software applications is the one that isn't identified until the application is in production.

Everyone knows that good regression and load testing can find most defects before an application is deployed. But when is the right time to build a regression test suite, and how many functions should be tested? How often should it be run? How do you reset your test data, so you know you are comparing apples to apples? What load is a "good load," and how do we ensure that you are really stressing the right points of the system? What tools should you use to build your suites?

Let WinMill help you to answer these questions, and to help you build high-quality test suites that ensure your applications perform as expected. Before they get released.