Data Center & Cyber Security

Application Hosting

WinMill Software provides premier hosting services in our high-availability data center. We can host your applications, your servers, your disaster recovery environment, or all of the above. Our data center is SSAE-16 compliant, with multiple locations in North America. We host hundreds of applications for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. We provide high-touch service with unbeatable SLAs.

Let us be responsible for hardware, software, operating systems, security patches, system monitoring, bandwidth, backups... while you focus on your core business.

System Monitoring and Alerting

Just because we don't host your servers doesn't mean you can't take advantage of WinMill's Monitoring and Alerting services. WinMill can remotely monitor your web applications, databases, routers, switches, and firewalls, and alert you of any problems. We provide real-time dashboards that you can access remotely, showing you the status of your monitored devices.

Using CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM), we provide 360-degree visibility into systems and infrastructure performance. We create a single, unified architecture for both traditional and cloud environments, enabling you to proactively monitor performance and availability to ensure that you and your customers are up and running.

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Disaster Recovery

Hurricanes. Blackouts. Floods. Ransom hackers. It used to be easy to say "that will never happen to us," but chances are you've suffered at least one disaster in the last five years. And you never know when the next one will hit. Is your organization protected? If you were shut out of your building today, could you be up and running tomorrow?

WinMill can help you to be prepared for the day we all hope never comes. We can back up your local server with automatic, cloud-based backups. We can host your disaster recovery site. We can host your primary and disaster recovery sites. Don't leave the reliability of your infrastructure to chance. Leave it to WinMill.

Cyber Security

Cyber threats have been prevalent for a long time, but the potential damage is only now becoming fully understood. Malicious users are disrupting the digital world with high-profile denial of service attacks and security breaches into some of the world's most prominent companies. But it is not just big companies and government entities that need to think about security. In fact, according to the SEC, 60% of all cyber-attacks are directed at small and medium-sized organizations. And here is a staggering statistic: the SEC estimates that more than half of the small businesses that are hit with a cyberattack go out of business within six months.

Companies are understandably concerned about the high expense of cyber security. But the real question is, what is the cost of a security breach, and are you willing to take that risk? The most common rationalization we hear is "we are a small company, no one would ever target us." Unfortunately, these are exactly the types of companies that hackers are looking for. The bad guys are not searching for your company by name; they are blindly trolling the internet for vulnerabilities. If you want to keep your sensitive information safe, you will need sufficient protection for your websites, applications, network and email.

When it comes to Cyber Security, there is no such thing as one size fits all. At WinMill, we evaluate your business processes and risks, while taking into account your budget, to provide a custom solution that most effectively reduces your company's cyber risk.

It's time to rethink Cyber Security. It's time to call WinMill Software.

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Vulnerability Audit

A WinMill Software Network Vulnerability Assessment is an independent, objective evaluation of your organization's public-facing network. WinMill brings to the project our extensive experience across all phases of secure software development, infrastructure design, and IT auditing. In a Network Vulnerability Assessment we evaluate the following:

  • Intrusion Detection Methodologies
  • Public Facing Fingerprint
  • Firewall Policy
  • Application Servers
  • Penetration Mitigation
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Web Application Vulnerability Review
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The HITECH Act is an extension of the HIPAA Security Rule. Not only do covered entities need to be HIPAA compliant, but so do your Business Associates. Remember that HIPAA requires covered entities to "periodically" recertify – have you recertified within the last 12 months? And are your Business Associates compliant?

If you are ready for your next HIPAA/HITECH assessments, contact WinMill Software. You will be thrilled with our competence, and you might be surprised that you don't have to break the bank!