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Cyber Risk Assessment

Network scanning. Static code scanning. Dynamic website scanning. Firewalls. Application Firewalls. URL filtering. Security appliances. Security-as-a-Service. Email security. End point security…

Do you need to be PCI compliant? Are you governed by HIPAA? Are you affected by state legislation, such as the New York State Cyber Security Requirements which went into effect on March 1, 2017?

With so many security products on the market, how do you know which ones best fit your business? What regulations are you governed by, and which products will help you pass your compliance audit? At the end of the day, how can you best secure your digital assets without breaking the bank?

When it comes to Cyber Security, there is no such thing as one size fits all. At WinMill Software, we evaluate your business processes and risks, while taking into account your budget, to provide a custom solution that most effectively reduces your company's cyber risk. A WinMill Cyber Risk Assessment will confirm your IT risk level, and will establish a roadmap for IT security and regulatory compliance. 

A WinMill Cyber Risk Assessment includes: 

  •  Review of current administrative IT policies and procedures 
  •  Review of IT security policies 
  •  Review of technical controls 
  •  Mapping of any IT security regulations to currently implemented controls 
  •  Creation of a Risk Matrix of threats, vulnerabilities, mitigating controls, and residual risk level 
  •  Creation of Remediation Plan 

WinMill Software security experts will create a plan to help ensure your company is operating with a low-risk level and in compliance with applicable security rules and regulations. From here you can execute the Remediation Plan yourself, or partner with WinMill to complete it for you. 

If you are waiting for an issue to surface before getting serious about comprehensive Cyber Security, it's going to be too late. Get ahead of Cyber Risk with a WinMill Cyber Risk Assessment. 

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