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What's New in CA PPM 15.4

The information below is part of the CA PPM 15.4 release notes.      

New Features

  • Roadmapping: To support your top-down portfolio planning needs, this release includes a dynamic new Roadmapping feature. Create roadmaps for new products, services, applications, or other investments. Each roadmap consists of one or more roadmap items that deliver some measured value. You decide what to plan without the burden of specifying required low-level details in advance. Roadmap items are assigned an owner, a sponsor, and are ranked. As a portfolio manager, you can arrange roadmap items in a grid, board, or timeline.
  • Create and Edit Financial Cost Plans: The previous release introduced new project cost plans with grouping, sorting, and other viewing options for financial managers. This release adds support for creating, populating, updating, copying, and deleting cost plans. You can insert or remove rows and can copy and paste cells of financial data much like working in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.
  • Enhanced Project Filters: In the previous release, you could filter projects by their project manager or active status. In this release, the following new filters also appear on the Projects page: Team Member,  Project OBS,  Project Type &  Work Status.
  • New Access Rights: To support secure user interaction, this release includes new access rights for roadmaps, financial plans, and other new features.
  • Jaspersoft Update: This release includes the updates and security enhancements in a new Jaspersoft 6.4.2 maintenance release. This update resolves a number of security vulnerabilities associated with 6.2.1, supports same-database upgrades from the previous 6.2.1 release, and introduces new dashboard improvements.
  • The Synchronize Agile Central job now brings over user stories from CA Agile Central to CA PPM in all integration directions. You can select the option to synchronize CA Agile Central user stories with CA PPM tasks at the individual project level. With user stories available as tasks in CA PPM, you can assign team members to the tasks and have them report time against these tasks.
  • The Classic PPM features in the SaaS edition of CA PPM are FedRAMP-ready for public sector customers.
  • CA PPM includes REST APIs; however, they are currently not supported for customers or partners. The use of REST APIs is limited to CA engineering teams. Our strategy is to focus on developing robust APIs as we design our New User Experience. As we make architectural improvements, add capabilities, and optimize performance, we are also improving the APIs. We review our strategy every release and plan to make the APIs publicly available as soon as possible.

For full details, please see the 15.4 Release Notes.