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What's New in CA PPM 15.3

The information below is part of the CA PPM 15.3 release notes.    

New Features

  • Project Blueprints, which bring the power of configuration into the new UX. This enhanced approach allows you to configure custom project properties, modules and visuals based on a particular business unit's needs. It also provides drag-and-drop attribute selection and a visual screen designer to preview the layout of properties pages and tiles. Blueprints are intended to enable your organization or business unit to implement CA PPM in as simple or sophisticated a manner as needed and are expected to allow you to onboard new groups with a setup process measured in minutes instead of days. 
  • The first phase of our reinvented Financial Budgeting & Forecasting, which provides financial analysts simple spreadsheet-like tools to facilitate planning and forecasting projects – including comparison views between Planned/Actual/Forecast, the ability to drill to actual cost details, and the introduction of a true actuals-to-date + to-go forecast. 
  • Powerful team work and collaboration capabilities with the introduction of project task boards – a visual and team centric approach to work organization that helps teams stay on top of their project tasks, and significantly improves project manager oversight – for both complex and simple project plans. 
  • Configurable project links that offers a way to "mash up" all external assets, such as Microsoft SharePoint sites, Google Docs, or Dropbox, making them accessible from within the project itself. These shared "bookmarks" solve the extremely common problem of juggling many different assets – tracking spreadsheets, collaboration sites, wikis, etc. – in coordinating a project or program effort. 
  • Continued improvements to the new project management experience – improved project tile search and filtering options, task level conversations, phase and milestone to do's, and links to the existing scheduling options (Gantt/OWB/MSP). 
  • Enhancements to Advanced Reporting powered by Jaspersoft, including the ability to synchronize Jaspersoft roles with CA PPM groups and the ability to execute Jaspersoft reports from within PPM, which allows you to leverage the CA PPM reports security model and improves reporting ease of use and performance. 
  • Flexibility for SaaS customers to consume the CA PPM data warehouse using your Business Intelligence tool of choice. You can build visualizations using any BI tool (such as Power BI or Tableau) that can use an OData feed as an input source. This also gives you the opportunity to build reports that combine PPM data with data from other applications. 
  • Updates to reinvented resource management: Additional search and filtering options, including the first multi-select OBS filtering component within CA PPM; the option to manage resource or role allocation percentage in the Staffing views; and the option to hide/show forecast rates. 
  • New options to enable the Modern Software Factory in your organization: Bi-directional flow of features from CA PPM to Agile Central; sync details from Agile Central on a per project basis using an object action; use the PPM embedded timesheet in Agile Central with SSO; use the Agile Central integration with a proxy server; and access Agile Central fields in Advanced Reporting. 
  • Other selected improvements, such as Korean language and FedRAMP support.  
For full details, please see the 15.3 Release Notes.