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CA PPM QuickStart

Crawl... Walk... Run!

Implementing a Project and Portfolio Management system can be a daunting task. There are so many players, so many processes, so many levers to pull… it can be overwhelming. We see too many companies try to sprint to an enterprise solution, only to fall short as they discover missing requirements, or rogue departments that have difficulty adapting.

Introducing our CA PPM QuickStart, where we teach you to crawl before you walk or run. We start with a small group of users, typically in just one or two departments. Using as much out-of-the-box functionality as possible and our deep store of best practices, we get you successfully using CA PPM in just four weeks! Our QuickStart is a crawl phase focused on quick wins and rapid user adoption.  We also create a roadmap that gets you walking with successive, ongoing deployments. By the end of your journey you are running full speed, with CA PPM deployed across the enterprise.

We start with Timesheets, Resource Management, Demand Management, Project Management and basic Portfolio Management. We also create short-term and long-term roadmaps identifying when and how to expand existing functionality, implement new functionality, and rollout the solution throughout the organization.

CA PPM is an enterprise solution. In fact, as the most powerful and flexible PPM tool on the planet, there is no other solution better suited to support the enterprise. That said, there is no need to boil the ocean.  Quick deployments, quick wins.

For more information, contact a WinMill Account Manager at inquiry@winmill.com or 1-888-711-MILL (6455).