WinMill's partnerships offer competitive advantage.

In order to maintain a competitive advantage, WinMill has formed alliances with some of the world's leading technology companies. Our Strategic partnerships enable WinMill to offer premier product coupled with the highest level of services and support.

Web application hacking is on the rise with as many as 75% of cyber attacks occurring at the web application level or via the web. Most corporations have secured their data at the network level, but have overlooked the crucial step of checking whether their web applications are vulnerable to attack. Web applications, which often have a direct line into the company's most valuable data assets, are online 24/7, completely unprotected by a firewall and therefore easy prey for attackers. Acunetix was founded with this threat in mind. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner automatically crawls and scans off-the-shelf and custom-built websites and web applications for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Attacks & over 3000 other web vulnerabilities.

CA Technologies (A Broadcom Company) is an industry leading provider of technical products and services. WinMill Software is a 2019 CA Technologies Focus Partner, the highest designation awarded by CA. Our focus is on Clarity PPM and CA/Broadcom Cloud Security products CA Single Sign-On, CA Identity Manager and CA ControlMinder. Clarity PPM is the industry standard for Project and Portfolio Management, while Cloud Security has become CA/Broadcom's fastest growing practice. WinMill Software is the leading provider of Clarity PPM and Cloud Security services in North America. 

The Carbon Black Security Platform is the first next-generation endpoint security solution to disrupt attacks, protect every endpoint and automate regulatory compliance controls. Only the Cb Security Platform delivers comprehensive prevention, threat hunting, detection and response capabilities that enable cross-functional IT and security teams to achieve an adaptive, centralized security lifecycle management strategy. With Carbon Black, you can align your cyber-security initiatives with the latest guidance and frameworks from the FFIEC, PCI and NIST, helping you ensure a secure and compliant operating environment. Carbon Black is #1 in endpoint protection, incident response and market share. Disrupt. Defend. Unite.

Checkmarx CxSAST is a highly accurate and flexible Source Code Analysis product that allows organizations to automatically scan un-compiled/un-built code and identify hundreds of security vulnerabilities in the most prevalent coding languages. CxSAST is available as a standalone product and can be effectively integrated into the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) to streamline detection and remediation. CxSAST can be deployed on-premise in a private data center or hosted via a public cloud.

Check Point Software Technologies is the worldwide leader in securing the Internet. Check Point's Secure Virtual Network (SVN) architecture, comprised of their Firewall-1,VPN-1, and Interspect products, provides the infrastructure that enables secure and reliable Internet and Intranet communication.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals, companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. The Cisco name has become synonymous with the Internet, as well as with the productivity improvements that Internet business solutions provide. Cisco's vision is to change the way people work, live, play and learn.

Dell EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to this transformation is cloud computing. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing, helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset — information — in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way. EMC works with organizations around the world, in every industry, in the public and private sectors, and of every size, from startups to the Fortune Global 500.

As leaders in the field of proactive threat protection, ESET develops software that reacts immediately to new and emerging threats. In short, ESET protects users in real time. ESET ensures superior protection by using two methods of detection (comparing known virus signatures plus using heuristics to anticipate new ones) instead of one. That's how ESET products detect and destroy threats that others miss. Built to run unnoticed in the background, ESET security solutions deliver ultra-fast scanning with an extremely low system footprint. That means you'll never have to compromise fast performance for effective protection again.

Microsoft hardware, software, operating systems, and applications form the backbone of the digital age. WinMill Software is a long-time Microsoft Partner specializing in building applications on Microsoft platforms, and in the leasing and sale of Microsoft licenses. We specialize in .NET web applications, SQL Server database development, and Windows operating systems. WinMill is also an authorized reseller of Office365, with deep expertise in helping companies migrate to this platform.

SmartBear offers an award-winning suite of tools for quality management through out the software development lifecycle. One of the most popular products, TestComplete provides a platform for QA professionals to automate manual test cases suites for Functional, Performance, Load and Stress testing. TestComplete integrates seamlessly with QAComplete, which provides a comprehensive solution for managing all phases of software development, from requirements to post-production support. Founded in 2007, SmartBear has an impressive list of customers ranging from today's largest Fortune 50 to smaller private ISVs.

Veracode seamlessly integrates application security into software development, effectively eliminating vulnerabilities during the lowest-cost point in the development/deployment chain. Without the need for additional staff or equipment, Veracode customers ramp up quickly, see results and prove value on day one, and consistently see improvement over time.

VMware is the industry-leading virtualization software company, empowering organizations to innovate and thrive by streamlining IT operations. By virtualizing infrastructure from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Extra security measures aren't difficult. We incorporate them into our everyday lives. We set the alarm at our house and lock the doors on our car. We use pins to retrieve cash at the ATM and authentication credentials to log into company computers. The effort is small, and so it easily becomes a part of our daily habits. However, securing email—all email—is a different challenge. We may secure our houses three to four times a day or visit the ATM twice a week, but who wants to encrypt and decrypt hundreds of emails a day? Passwords, portals and extra steps eliminate the ease of clicking 'send' and replace it with an annoying, almost painful, experience. And so we don't secure each email. In fact, unless your organization conducts business in a regulated industry such as healthcare or financial services, your organization probably doesn't secure any emails at all. But what you know about email encryption has changed.