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Extra security measures aren't difficult. We incorporate them into our everyday lives. We set the alarm at our house and lock the doors on our car. We use pins to retrieve cash at the ATM and authentication credentials to log into company computers. The effort is small, and so it easily becomes a part of our daily habits. However, securing email—all email—is a different challenge. We may secure our houses three to four times a day or visit the ATM twice a week, but who wants to encrypt and decrypt hundreds of emails a day? Passwords, portals and extra steps eliminate the ease of clicking 'send' and replace it with an annoying, almost painful, experience. And so we don't secure each email. In fact, unless your organization conducts business in a regulated industry such as healthcare or financial services, your organization probably doesn't secure any emails at all. But what you know about email encryption has changed.

Automatic Email Encryption

Mistakes happen. Whether we're distracted by an interruption, concentrating on another task or simply clicking the wrong button, they happen. And so it should be no surprise that in sending nearly 100 emails a day, employees are going to make a few mistakes when encrypting an email. Certainly, employee education and training helps, but in their haste to deliver an email quickly, employees accidently forget to type the "Secure" keyword or hit the "Encrypt & Send" button. 

 ZixCorp removed that risk by introducing automatic encryption. With sophisticated filters, ZixCorp scans outbound email and automatically encrypts email containing sensitive information in the message or attachments. Automation offers peace of mind for businesses and a simplified experience for employees, who no longer stress about making the right decision or taking the right steps to encrypt.    

A Global Community

By including all senders and recipients in a global community and developing a method to determine the recipient's email encryption capabilities, ZixCorp replaced the need for portals, passwords and extra steps with a convenient and transparent experience. For recipients who use ZixCorp, encrypted email is automatically decrypted and arrives in their inbox as easy and accessible as regular email. No complexity or frustration. Just email. And for recipients who don't use ZixCorp, encrypted email is delivered in the most secure, easiest method, making secure email convenient for anyone with an email address.

Zix Encryption Network 

Why not encrypt every email? After years of innovation, now you can. Every email exchanged between members of Zix Encryption Network is automatically encrypted. The risk of interception is eliminated. Employees and recipients feel no impact, but businesses feel plenty of relief. Today, one million messages are encrypted by ZixCorp on a typical business day. On average, 75 percent of these encrypted messages are sent through Zix Encryption Network to other members. The exchange is seamless and transparent without any extra steps or passwords. Nearly 10,000 businesses are members of Zix Encryption Network. As more businesses join, the risk of unsecure business email can only decrease while the percentage of transparent exchange increases.

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