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ESET's advanced security options are trusted by businesses, governments and consumers around the world. As leaders in the field of heuristic detection, ESET specializes in technology that predicts emerging viruses and develop effective defenses before they can do any damage.

ESET safeguard everyone from parents looking to keep kids safer online to government agencies who need to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. Protection is in the ESET DNA. That's the heart of the ESET advantage. 

ESET ensure superior protection by using two methods of detection (comparing known virus signatures plus using heuristics to anticipate new ones) instead of one. That's how their products detect and destroy threats that others miss.

Built to run unnoticed in the background, ESET security solutions deliver ultra-fast scanning with an extremely low system footprint. That means you'll never have to compromise fast performance for effective protection again.

ESET Threat Center

  • ESET LiveGrid®: Used in all our antivirus products, protects you 24/7 by predicting trouble before it happens. Using our unique ThreatSense.net® advanced early warning system, ESET LiveGrid collects data submitted by ESET users worldwide and sends it to our malware research labs for analysis.
  • ThreatSense®: The anti-threat engine that powers all ESET products and results in fast reactions to emerging threats. Sample submissions from customers, distributors and partners are an important source of new malware. Other sources of samples include sample exchange or active "honey pots" (computer systems specifically set up to invite attacks and provide info on how systems are attacked and where they are vulnerable).
  • Threat Encyclopedia: The Threat Encyclopedia features an A-Z guide of selected viruses, spyware, and other threats, sorted alphabetically. Updated frequently, it includes definitions of hundreds of viruses and how they behave.

End-to-End Protection for Nonstop Piece of Mind  

ESET's full bundle of products can provide gateway defense to safeguard your HTTP/FTP communications and block malware at your network perimeter. It provides real-time, on-access scanning of HTTP and FTP protocols and scan large files without delay for a consistent level of network security. It protects your endpoints across all platforms, block email threats, protect your mobile workforce, and it includes a convenient single console management to free up IT for other tasks.

  • Endpoint antivirus: The robust NOD32® scanning engine provides proactive detection and elimination of known and emerging viruses and other malware. 
  • Endpoint security: Enforces multilayer security at company endpoints through antimalware, personal firewall, content filtering (to protect against Internet-borne threats), device control (for removable media) and other advanced security features. 
  • Mobile security: ESET NOD32® proactive technology, which is optimized for mobile platforms, delivers real-time protection to shield all your applications and files on Android devices, and includes Anti-Phishing and Application Control. For iOS devices, you can remotely push settings and restrictions to boost the security of your iOS mobile fleet. Anti-Theft lets you remotely lock/unlock, or wipe all data, from both Android and iOS devices. 
  • Gateway security: Protects HTTP and FTP gateways against known and emerging viruses, worms, spam, and other Internet threats. With their small system footprint, ESET® Gateway Security solutions are suitable for systems handling large amounts of data on a daily basis. 
  • File security: Maintains continual security for business-critical documents stored on fileservers. Our minimal system-impact, award-winning antivirus and antispyware protection is optimized for the server environment. 
  • Mail security: Applies proven NOD32® scanning engine to the mail server to filter spam, malware and phishing scams before they reach your inboxes. This extra line of defense stops email-borne threats before they penetrate your network and reduces unwanted messages that drain productivity. 
  • Virtualization Security: ESET Virtualization Security provides protection for VMware vSphere environments, supporting agentless Windows-based virtual machines. Experience low system demands and high speed with ESET's scanning engine, leaving more resources for other applications and processes. 
  • Remote administrator: Manage company security from one point, across all of your Windows®, Mac® and Linux™ endpoints—using a single remote console.  

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