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CA PPM Webinar: Is Your PPM Data Actionable?

Thank you for attending. We hope you found useful information and insight. You can review the presentation on demand at your convenience.

Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 

Time: 11:00am EST 

Presenters: Amy Skaar & Doug Kalkowski, WinMill Software  

The numbers don't lieā€¦. Or do they? How can you tell? CA PPM provides companies with a wide variety of features and functionality to improve project performance, resource utilization, and portfolio management, but how can an organization know if the data they are viewing is accurate? As the old saying goes, garbage in, garbage out.

In this webinar, we will dig into the numbers and help you determine if your data is telling the whole story. We will dive into what metrics matter and how you can provide your managers with the tools they need to ensure they are telling the right story. Proper data analysis can help determine if current work processes need adjusting, if additional training is needed, or if the right people are working on the right things. We will give you some ideas of things you can do immediately to spot data inconsistencies and to improve data quality.

Join us for a webinar where we will explore these topics and more:

  • Identifying what information matters 
  • How to measure the data 
  • How to determine the quality 
  • Tips and tricks to spot poor data 
  • Tools that can be put in place to improve quality  

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