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State of Nebraska Improves Efficiency of its Projects with IT Governance

Note: this is a reprint of a success story originally posted on CA Technologies. The original success story can be found here.

Business: Nebraska, the 37th US State, is home to more than 1.8 million Americans. The Nebraska State Government is charged with providing essential services and governance to the State.

Challenge: With two departments alone generating more than 1,300 projects, the State needed a way to not only identify which initiatives to progress but also establish a consistent and flexible framework for project management.

Solution: The State has expanded its deployment of CA Project & Portfolio Management to cover non-IT initiatives. This will enable the Project Management Office to apply the same governance rules to all State projects and create a single repository for information.

Benefit: By improving its control and visibility of projects, the State has been able to lessen both risk and costs. The Project Management Office can also assist in delivering projects more effectively, which helps it deliver on the Governor's promise of efficiency in government.

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