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WinMill Software Helps WattStopper Implement CA PPM In Just 5 Weeks!

The Project

Founded in 1984, WattStopper provides energy-efficient, convenient lighting products and solutions. WattStopper's first product line was an innovative occupancy sensor which included ultrasonic and passive infrared sensors as well as the industry-first, patented Dual Technology occupancy sensor. The company quickly expanded their product line, creating new product line using other control technologies including the first "smart" power strip with surge protection and a personal occupancy sensor, a dual loop photosensor, and a complete line of Digital Lighting Management products.

Wattstopper is an industry leader in energy efficiency, and as their rapid growth soon warranted a Project & Portfolio Management system, they in turn looked for an industry leader in PPM. They quickly settled on CA Technologies and CA PPM, the most powerful, most efficient Project & Portfolio Management system on the planet. And when they needed an expert partner to help them implement their solution, they turned to WinMill Software.

The primary goals of this implementation was to achieve better visibility into resource capacity and demand, improve the ability to forecast upcoming demand, provide the ability for portfolio management decisions to be made based on accurate project data, and to streamline the time tracking and approval process.

WinMill helped WattStopper to implement CA PPM by configuring the Project Management, Resource Management and Financial Management modules. This enabled WattStopper to align projects with corporate priorities before tackling the overall portfolio. Wattstopper also needed a quick win, which made WinMill's CA PPM QuickStart a perfect fit. WattStopper was up and running on CA PPM in just five weeks, deriving immediate value, with a framework and roadmap in place for implementing new functionality and onboarding new business units.

We were excited about CA PPM from the start, but were worried about a long implementation. The WinMill QuickStart project was perfect for us. They got us up and running in just five weeks, and today we are using the system extensively for resource & demand management and project management. Our users have readily adopted the system and we are already talking about growing our usage.

- Dan Krutkin, Engineering Project Manager, Wattstopper
  • Multiple tools with lack of cohesion, integration and data visibility
  • Need for project catgeorization/prioritization with respect to business processes
  • Limited visibility into resource allocation and assignments
  • Limited visibility into resource capacity/demand
  • Difficult to forecast demand
  • Inefficient time tracking and approval processes
  • Need for Project Roadmapping for strategic projects
  • Implemented WinMill CA PPM QuickStart with a phased approach and quick wins
  • Created several additional attributes to support appropriate project categorization, complexity, priority, status reporting and roadmapping
  • Configured out-of-the-box portlets to provide ability to view resource allocation, capacity utilization, demand, etc.
  • Set up project templates with simplified project schedule for Task Assignments and Timesheets
  • Created additional custom Jaspersoft reports
  • Summarized time tracking functionality

The Results

By partnering with WinMill Software, WattStopper was able to tap our 10 years of CA PPM best practices and implement the industry's most powerful PPM solution in just five weeks. WattStopper business and project managers now have unprecedented visibility into projects, resources, capacity and demand. WinMill's CA PPM QuickStart was the perfect solution for WattStopper, providing quick wins with real ROI, while laying the foundation for future functionality and enterprise deployment.

WattStopper is now seeing the following benefits:
  • Easier data visibility and forecasting
  • Implementation of timesheets allows resource managers and project managers to track the work done by their resources
  • Greater insight into resource capacity vs demand
  • A fully configured PPM Solution, providing immediate value and quick wins, with a clear roadmap for the deployment of future functionality
  • Leveraging Jaspersoft reports that management and key stakeholders accurate, decision-support data

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