Our Company

About WinMill Software

Founded in 1994, WinMill Software is a technology services company headquartered in New York City. We have five core practices: Application Development, Application Security, Project & Portfolio Management, Hosting & Cloud Services, and Identity & Access Management.  We support the entire technology lifecycle, and we remain dedicated to providing exceptional service by building systems that make our clients more competitive. One of our hallmarks is a knowledge transfer process that maximizes the skills and intellect of your own team. WinMill's service excellence and steadfast commitment to delivering high-quality solutions is attributed to our dedicated employees. We hire the best and brightest people in the country. Rigorous cross training is an integral element of every career path. WinMill Software is renowned for its commitment to technical expertise, deep industry skills and an unwavering commitment to professionalism.

Triangle of Success

We attribute the success of our company to the capabilities of our employees, whose career-long learning is based on our Triangle of Success. We invest time, money and mind share into all three sides of the Triangle, resulting in well-rounded employees who bring the full package to every client engagement.


The first side of the Triangle is technology. We are passionate about technology and are renowned across all of our practices for being the best of the best. Whether you are looking for .NET programmers, PMI certified project managers, CISSP certified network engineers, PPM architects or Identity and Access experts, you will never find a team more technically adept. 

Industry Knowledge

But technology isn't everything. WinMill has been in business since 1994, and over the years we've developed deep expertise in dozens of vertical industries. Experience in a given industry can take years to a mass, and is often more highly regarded than technical skills. We believe that learning our clients' business is critical to our success, and hence Industry Knowledge is the second side of the Triangle.  


In an age of profound individualism, Professionalism seems to have suffered the most collateral damage. Active listening, communication skills, teamwork, and respect don't seem to get the same credence as in years past, yet we would argue that these soft skills are more important than ever. At WinMill we focus intently on Professionalism. As the third side of our Triangle, we invest heavily in Professional training and mentoring. Professionalism helps to create the "whole person," and truly helps WinMill to distinguish itself in the market. 

Statement of Principles

The core beliefs that guide WinMill constitute more than a mission statement; they are the foundation and ideal of all of our policies and actions. By our firm commitment to them, we are able to attract and retain the best people, advocate the best products, perform the best services, and serve the best clients.

The Best People

Our excellence begins with an effective recruiting program. WinMill actively recruits and hires the very best and brightest people. Our hiring criteria are astonishingly simple: Loyalty, Motivation, Intelligence, and Experience. Those attracted by these few criteria will thrive at WinMill, rising to challenges through their own motivation. We understand that there is more to having the "Best People" than recruiting bright individuals. We provide our associates with superior training and an environment that nurtures success. We aim to create fulfilling career paths with highly competitive compensation. We are a dedicated group of enlightened and intelligent people. There are no issues that we cannot solve through face-to-face communication and straight talk. We treat each other and our clients with the utmost respect. Through education, mentoring and communication, we are committed to continual adaptation in order to meet the ever-changing demands of these times. We promote from within whenever possible. We are sincerely interested in the personal development and professional advancement of each and every employee because we firmly believe that increasing one's personal value benefits both the individual and the Company. 

The Best Products

WinMill establishes partnerships with well-known hardware and software vendors. Our partners create market-leading hardware and software solutions that are in high demand by our clients. WinMill resells the products and provides consulting services around the products.

We seek vendor partners that are committed to excellence in product development and support. We regularly provide feedback from our clients and from the marketplace to help our vendor partners improve their offerings. We actively pursue vendor and industry certifications. One of the highest levels of achievement for a WinMill employee is to be certified as an expert in one or more of our supported products.

We have great partners today, but we are also well aware that times change and markets change. We are always looking for new products to support, as we carefully watch for the next big thing.

The Best Clients

Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, but they all view technology as a way to gain a competitive advantage. They are successful, innovative organizations with highly motivated management teams and extremely capable employees. They are leaders in their field, accustomed to great success. Our clients understand the value of quality and the need for careful planning. They are willing to pay the fair market price for excellent service. Our clients are companies that are as committed to WinMill's success as we are to theirs; they recognize that true partners are mutually respectful and uphold each other's principles. They are, in short, companies that we wish to imitate in many ways.

The Best Services

We believe that to strive for anything less than the highest ideals would sell our clients and ourselves short. What makes WinMill an exceptional company is that we set for ourselves the impossible goal of performing even the most routine tasks in an exceptional manner.

We look to outstanding companies as our model for success, and we owe much to those that have gone before us. We believe that by learning and imitating what others have done well, we build a better company on the shoulders of giants. Our commitment to excellence descends to the smallest detail and is guided by an unwavering resolution to do the right thing. Although we exist to serve our associates, our clients, and our investors, our greatest wish is for our clients to believe that our only reason for being is to serve them. We are ready for their calls and we are expecting their visits, so we strive to conduct ourselves in a warm, positive, and professional manner at all times. We maintain our ethical values at all times, because experience has taught us that consistency is the foundation of great service.