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  Acunetix v11 Integrates Vulnerability Management

Acunetix, the pioneer in automated web application security software, has announced the release of version 11. New integrated vulnerability management features extend the enterprise’s ability to comprehensively manage, prioritise and control vulnerability threats – ordered by business criticality. V...

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  Dropbox hack leaks 68 million usernames and passwords

Back in 2012, Dropbox disclosed that a hacker had accessed its internal systems and accessed a list of user email accounts. It didn't say the list included passwords. Now Motherboard, security expert Troy Hunt, and online leak-tracker LeakedSource have each reported they reviewed stockpiles of acco...

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  The real reason airline computers crash

Why do computer crashes keep bringing major airlines to their knees, leaving hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded at airports? Human error. Mistakes. Good old fashioned screw ups....

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  Pokemon Go maker: Coding error gave company access to your emails

The makers of Pokemon Go -- the insanely popular smartphone game -- were forced to make emergency fixes to the game because the app gave the company an unprecedented level of access into players' personal lives....

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  Global bank hackers strike again

The criminals who stole $101 million from Bangladesh's central bank appear to have struck again. SWIFT, which runs the communications network that links much of the global financial system, warned clients on Friday that a second bank has been attacked as "part of a wider and highly adaptive campaig...

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  VMware Security Advisories

VMware product updates address a critical security issue in the VMware Client Integration Plugin...

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  Cyber-extortion losses skyrocket, says FBI

New estimates from the FBI show that the costs from so-called ransomware have reached an all-time high. Cyber-criminals collected $209 million in the first three months of 2016 by extorting businesses and institutions to unlock computer servers. At that rate, ransomware is on pace to be a $1 billion...

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  Combating the cybersecurity job crunch

The Internet of Things is the perfect example of that phenomenon, let alone the security implications of millions of newly connected devices. For already stretched thin security practitioners, that means more data to account for, more tools to manage and more reports to coalesce and generate. The pr...

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  Phishers Spoof CEO, Request W2 Forms

Fraudsters who perpetrate tax refund fraud prize W-2 information because it contains virtually all of the data one would need to fraudulently file someone's taxes and request a large refund in their name. Indeed, scam artists involved in refund fraud stole W-2 information on more than 330,000 people...

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