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Other Cool Features

Online Portal

  • Secure self-service for members.
  • Demographic management – members can update their own contact information and notification preferences. 
  • All updates made by members are audited with date- timestamp, plus original and new values. 
  • Access to account balances.
  • Ability to make online payments. 
  • Ability to report work. 
  • Ability to report grievances.
  • Mobile access from phones or tablets.  

Mobile Access

  • Mobile access to Member Portal. 
  • Mobile access to eMembership for Job Stewards and Business Representatives. 
  • Real-time access to member status and demographics; no more calling the office from the field to check on the status of member.
  • Real-time access to worksite information, including roster. 
  • Geo-location: find members within a given distance.  

Ad Hoc Query

  • Robust ad hoc reporting.  
  • Drastically reduce the need for custom-built reports.  
  • Easy-to-use interface; select the data you want to see.  
  • Intuitive construction of data filters.  
  • Queries can be saved, reused, and shared across the organization.  
  • Advanced users can write and save custom SQL queries. 


  • Track grievances, complaints or open issues.  
  • Associate a grievance with an employer and one or more members.  
  • Built-in workflow for grievance resolution.  
  • Search for grievances by employer, date, type, status or other.  
  • Optional ability to give members access, via Member Portal, to track grievance status.  

Event Management

  • Supports open and invitation-based events.  
  • Flexible invitation list generation based on member characteristics such as craft or employer.  
  • Integrates with popular email systems for notice distribution.  
  • Integrates with Online Portal for member RSVP.  


  • Work order-based member dispatch.  
  • Configurable skills list, including optional skill levels.  
  • Full history of member dispatches.  
  • Full history of calls made per work order. 

And so much more…

eMembership is the most powerful, most popular member and dues system in the industry.

  • Complete member management including profile demographics, financials, work history, grievances, member card generation, invoicing (paper and/or electronic), online payments, out-of-work lists, dispatch, event registration and more…
  • Complete employer tracking including profile, project/worksites, working members, electronic remittance processing, invoicing, grievances, worker dispatch and more…
  • Complete financial administration including dues generation, configurable charges, member and employer payments, delinquency processing, integration with accounting systems, online dues payments and more…
  • Other cool features found only in eMembership: online portals for members and employers, mobile access for staff and members, robust out-of-the-box reporting, unlimited ad hoc reporting, a call log for member services, powerful grievance management, powerful event management (including registration), easy integration with third party systems and more…

And remember, we host it for you! No software, no servers, no hassle.

Time for a new membership and dues system? Then it's time for eMembership!

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