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CA PPM Health Check

Your organization has been running CA PPM for some time now, but as they say, change happens. Processes change, people change, requirements change. Possibly the original champions of your CA PPM system are no longer around. Or possibly reorganization has left your CA PPM solution without a sponsor. You are still using the tool, but you know you could be doing some things better. And you suspect the tool could do a lot more for you, but you don't know what you don't know…

The good news is, you are not alone. Even better news is that things probably are not as bad as you think. With our CA PPM Health Check, WinMill Software will assess your current use of the tool. We typically identify several quick wins that will provide high value to your organization, with minimal investment. We also create a long-term roadmap for the implementation of increasingly powerful functionality, and as appropriate, the onboarding of additional departments throughout your organization.

How It Works

Our CA PPM Health Check is a 3-day engagement. We spend the first two days onsite with you and your team. After getting a demonstration of your CA PPM implementation, we move immediately into road-mapping and whiteboard sessions. We speak to anyone and everyone with a stake in Project and Portfolio Management. We start with your PMO, if you have one. We speak with your project managers, representative timesheet users, your infrastructure team, and your CA PPM administrator(s). We speak with the business leaders of departments using the tool (i.e. your IT Director), and ideally with business leaders who aren't yet using the tool but would be well served by doing so.

We collect and document as much information as humanly possible. Then we retreat to our offices for a third and final day, where we compile our findings and prepare our final deliverables.

What You Get

Our CA PPM Health Check is a high-level analysis that will improve the ROI on your CA PPM implementation, both short-term and long-term. The Health Check includes:

  • Interviews with your CA PPM stakeholders to assess their requirements, and their perception of the CA PPM implementation.
  • An evaluation of your implementation, with a focus on its ability to meet the requirements of the organization.
  • An executive summary of where your CA PPM implementation currently stands, along with a summary of suggestions and the desired end-state.
  • A high level analysis of CA PPM usage by functional area (Timekeeping, Demand Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Financial Management, Portfolio Management). We will outline current usage, identify pain points, and describe quick-fixes that can be implemented immediately.
  • A phased roadmap illustrating the most efficient path to implementing the functionality that will best support your organization, based on the outputs of our deep dive discussions.

For more information, contact a WinMill Account Manager at inquiry@winmill.com or 1-888-711-MILL (6455).