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Are you PPM Ready?

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make when implementing CA PPM is not having well defined business processes before the project begins. CA PPM can deliver unprecedented ROI by automating, distributing, enforcing and enhancing mature business processes. But implementing CA PPM to support immature business processes can be a recipe for disaster. How mature is your organization? Are you PPM Ready?

PPM Ready Assessment

At WinMill Software, we specialize in developing strong PMO's built on solid process design. In our PPM Ready Assessment, we evaluate the maturity of your PMO from the specific perspective of implementing CA PPM. Where business processes exist, we ensure that they are properly defined and documented. Where business processes do not exist or require refinement, we apply industry best practices to fill the process gaps. And to the extent that your organization is not yet ready to define certain processes, we will create a roadmap for future implementation.

Once your processes have been defined, we assess the maturity of your PMO – again, specifically in terms of implementing CA PPM. We then work with you to determine what CA PPM functionality you should be implementing now, and what functionality should potentially be deferred until your organization is fully prepared with the requisite underlying business processes.

PPM Ready Assessment Deliverables

For each area listed below, WinMill delivers detailed process diagrams, document templates, workflow architecture and PPM Ready specifications to ensure that your CA PPM implementation maps directly to your organization's PMO processes and methodologies.

  • Project Management
  • Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Demand Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Timekeeping and Workflow Analysis
  • System Integration Analysis
  • Reporting Analysis
  • Process Training

For more information, contact a WinMill Account Manager at inquiry@winmill.com or 1-888-711-MILL (6455).