WinMill Software is a CA Premier Global Channel Partner and Preferred Services Partner, and the leading provider of CA PPM consulting services in North America.

We have been working with CA PPM since 2004. No other CA Partner can match our history and depth of experience. Our team is well known throughout the industry as the best of the best. Don't trust your CA PPM implementation to just anyone; trust the people who helped put CA PPM on the map.

Whether you are implementing CA PPM for the first time, rolling out new modules, on-boarding new departments, upgrading, or need help with reports and portlets, WinMill Software can make it happen.

It tooks us three tries and three different consulting companies to get our PPM installation right. WinMill was the third; I only wish they had been the first. Thank you WinMill!

- Project Manager, Large Manufacturing Company

What's New with CA PPM

CA PPM is the most powerful and popular Project and Portfolio Management solution on the planet. With version 15.1, CA has made a great product even better. Key features include:

  • The first generation of CA PPM's reinvented user experience for adaptive project managers and team members, leveraging insights from our ethnographic research efforts. This fresh new approach includes easy-to-read project cards, task to-dos, and the industry's first "living" status report.
  • Entirely refactored time management module that significantly reduces the time necessary to both fill out and approve time, including the new purpose-built Kanban-style time approval console.
  • Advanced Reporting upgrade to Jaspersoft 6.2.1, which takes advantage of improvements made to the business intelligence platform.
  • Expansion of the portfolio role limit in portfolio planning from 25 to 75 roles.
  • Installation of the Microsoft Project integration at the machine level (instead of the user level) to simplify large-scale deployments.
  • Enhanced bubble chart rendering.
  • Improved resource management filtering on selected out-of-the-box resource portlets.
  • Other administrative improvements, such as e-mail domain restrictions.

But don't just take our word for it. Call us today for a demo, and to plan your upgrade.
For more information on the latest features of CA PPM, check out our knowledge store below.

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  • Turbo Charge Your PPM User Adoption!
  • CA PPM Managed Services
    WinMill Software provides a matrix of integrated offerings Managed Services offerings to
    support your CA PPM environments. Our services range from basic CA PPM administration
    to complete end-to-end support with full-time staff. Click on any of the services below
    for more information
  • CA PPM Managed Services
    CA PPM Administration & Help Desk
  • CA PPM Managed Services
    CA PPM Mentoring & Functional Support
  • CA PPM Managed Services
    CA PPM Technical & Report Development

Our Strategic Approach

One size does not fit all! We know that every business is unique. We have been developing CA PPM best practices for more than a decade, and we bring that wealth of knowledge to every client. We design a solution that will work for you - not the other way around. The three pillars of our Strategic Approach are Vision, Best Practices and Adoption.


You have to know the end game. Anyone can implement a PPM system (well, almost anyone), but few know how to implement it right. PPM is an ethos; it is a long-term philosophy that must be supported by people, processes and technology. WinMill begins every PPM engagement with a maturity assessment of the organization, followed by development of a PPM roadmap. The roadmap ensures that the CA PPM functionality implemented today will support the people, processes and technology of tomorrow.

Best Practices

WinMill Software has been working with CA PPM longer than any other partner in the world. Our best practices are living body of knowledge, based on more than 650 CA PPM engagements. We take a practical approach to solve real world problems with real world solutions.


Even the greatest software system in the world will be deemed a failure if people don't use it. When it comes to PPM, we live and die by user adoption. Training, mentoring and support are not optional; they are crucial. We design a user adoption program tailored specifically to your organization based on your PPM maturity, skills of your users, geographic distribution of your users, functionality deployed today and functionality planned for later, your own training guidelines and more. Don"t shortchange yourself on what is arguably the most important, and often most overlooked, aspect of a PPM implementation.


CA PPM Solutions

CA PPM Health Check
CA PPM Health Check

Our CA PPM Health Check is a 3-day engagement. We spend the first two days onsite with you and your team. Then we retreat to our offices for a third and final day, where we compile our findings and prepare our final deliverables.

CA PPM QuickStart
CA PPM QuickStart

Our QuickStart is a crawl phase focused on quick wins and rapid user adoption. By the end of your journey you are running full speed, with CA PPM deployed across the enterprise. Quick deployments, quick wins.

PPM Ready
PPM Ready

We specialize in developing strong PMO's built on solid process design. In our PPM Ready Assessment, we evaluate the maturity of your PMO from the specific perspective of implementing CA PPM.

CA PPM Training
CA PPM Training

We offer training, mentoring, and custom training on Application Administration, Configuration (Studio), Portfolio Management, Demand Management, Processes/Workflows, Integration, and more!

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