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Why Choose CA PPM Over Planview

Note: this is an excerpt from an article originally posted on CA Technologies. The full article can be found here

Planview vs. CA PPM. Know the facts. Make the right choice.  

Superior Capabilities: 92% of surveyed organizations rated CA PPM's portfolio management as superior or better to the competition. 

Better metrics: 66% of surveyed organizations created one source of truth for all work as a result of adopting CA PPM. 

More Configurable: 69% of surveyed organizations considered CA's flexible configuration when selecting CA PPM.  

89% of organizations agreed with the following statement: "CA PPM provides comprehensive portfolio planning capabilities to optimize the investment decision-making process together with a project, resource, and financial management, in order to drive business outcomes."

Head-to-Head: CA PPM vs. Planview 

The facts speak for themselves. Factors to consider when selecting a PPM solution.   

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