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Introducing CA PPM 15.3

Note: this is a reprint of an announcement originally posted to the CA technical support portal.

New features for CA PPM 15.3 include:      

  • New Versions Bring More Benefits: The capabilities in 15.3 are designed to provide organizations with more value that drives adoption, empowers teams, and increases reporting and analytics knowledge to support smarter business decisions. The latest version also improves upon the underlying platform, so you can upgrade more easily and expand the PPM solution rapidly across your organization. 
  • A New User Experience: Release 15.3 is designed specifically to help project managers keep everyone informed, save time in tracking down work, and stay connected with the teams they support. Upgrade to 15.3 to improve your resource management and team collaboration capabilities. This amazing release also offers outstanding new features for project blueprints, links, attachments, task boards, financial plans, and reporting, including scheduling and trending. 
  • Time-management Capabilities: With simplified time entry and approval, including support for mobile iOS and Android devices, employees can enter information from the field where the actual work takes place. Managers gain easy access to time tracking and approval. Access timesheets through CA Agile Central. 
  • Central Reporting and Dashboards. Organizations can analyze their data in a single data warehouse that includes all CA PPM information from the largest portfolios down to the smallest tasks. Gain access to more metrics, and add value beyond the realm of IT project management to support business strategies and decision making. 
  • Accelerate Your Agile Initiatives with CA Agile Central: With CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) integration, organizations can now manage agile execution within the portfolio. Teams performing the work can better understand their impact on the business, and managers can control resources and funding for initiatives ranging from traditional waterfall to the newest agile methodologies. 
  • Improved Application Portfolio Panagement (APM): Accelerate time-to-value by rationalizing and managing a wider set of applications throughout the company with application performance management templates.
Read the full release notes here: /Services/CA-PPM/Whats-New-in-CA-PPM-15-3.aspx      

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